If ever a country offered myriad opportunities to mess around in boats, Turkey is it and especially right here on the Turquoise Coast. The waters are clear, calm and just beg you to get in or on them, so lets have a look at some of the options, there really is something for everyone.

Many of the towns along this stretch of coastline have a harbour and there is a size and shape of boat to suit pretty much any sea going dreams you may have. Small boats can be hired, with a ‘captain’ or  ‘self drive’ for heading out for some swimming or fishing. The fishing is very good and with the advice and guidance of a local, even the most inexperienced can usually manage to catch something.

If you fancy something a little more relaxing, then perhaps a traditional Turkish gulet is more your thing. They can be hired for anything from a few hours to a couple of weeks, depending on your requirements and budget. These large sailing boats, all fully equipped with engines and a crew offer a real sea going experience. A few hours sunbathing on deck and some lunch, or an evening cruise to watch the sunset before enjoying a fabulous dinner cooked on board with the freshest ingredients possible, we cannot recommend it highly enough. If your budget stretches a bit further, booking a gulet for several days and sailing along the coast is probably the very best way to see what Turkey has to offer along the Turquoise Coast. Gulets have accommodation on board and again, a massive choice to suit your tastes. You can opt for very original looking wood clad cabins, all the way to the height of luxury with rooms which would not look out of place in luxury hotels, but whatever your prefer, all are well equipped for your needs.

Finally, in between these two extremes are a range of boat trips on varying sizes of vessels, offering party experiences, trips to otherwise inaccessible beaches, sailing, swimming, scuba diving, in fact pretty much anything you can do on or in the water. Whether you prefer to be with other holiday makers or your ideas run more to a private booking just for you and your family or friends, it is fair to say boat trips in Turkey really can be exactly how you want them.

So if this has whetted your appetite and you would like to add a nautical adventure to your Turkey Holiday booking, get in touch with Julia to discuss what you would like to do and our man on the ground in Turkey can get that organised for you. No need to worry about a thing, just kick back, relax and enjoy the sea air from your own little piece of deck.