With Business in Mind

We love to facilitate retreats for business groups. Often these are business owners that meet regularly, perhaps in their own networking clubs or mastermind groups, who’d like to get to know each other on a deeper level and support one another in their businesses.

We provide the opportunity for this to happen, by planning and booking your accommodation, catering, transfers, trips, and tours. And we can be on hand to ensure all runs seamlessly.

All About Your Clients

Are you a business owner that wishes to offer more to your clients than you already do? We have found taking your clients out of their normal environment and bringing them to a beautiful space in which to enjoy or participate in your services does wonders for them and you.

It allows them to switch off from their usual surroundings and disruptions and concentrate fully on what they want to achieve.

Team Building

Perhaps you have a team you’d like to bring together, educate, and enhance their working relationships. You want them to feel more valued, spend some time learning more about the business and increase their motivation.

We will help you put together a smooth-running itinerary, some fun activities and of course everything you need through our services to ensure a successful time away from the business allowing you to work on the business.

Specialist Retreats

Kalkan offers the ideal environment for groups to come and enjoy a particular activity they love.

Maybe you’re a sports or wellness instructor who’d like to offer your clients a little extra to your normal services?

Perhaps you’re a business or life coach whose clients would benefit from being away to work on specific areas of work or life?

Are you a writing coach with a programme to assist your clients with starting their book?

Perhaps you’re a dive club that would like to discover some of the 48 sites around Kalkan waters?

Or maybe a photography group that would like to explore the surrounding natural areas and historical sites?

We’re very happy to arrange a tailor-made holiday just for your group.

Next Step

Simply get in touch and let’s talk about what you’d like to achieve. We can have a Zoom chat and put together a few options that will delight your clients or team and deepen your relationships with them, increase their love of what you do together and enhance productivity and motivation.

Want to find a retreat for you?

Feel free to call us or drop us an email and find out what retreats are running when.


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