Your accommodation is key to the enjoyment of your holiday. And this is area that differentiates us from other holiday sites. The reason being is we have carefully curated and selected every property and hotel we have in our extensive portfolio. Each has been visited by us, we’ve checked out the amenities, proximity to places of interest, restaurants and supermarkets which means we are well placed to advise you on the suitability for your needs.

We take into account your requirements and what’s important to you, be that location, bedroom layout, heated pool, cooking facilities etc. It’s a distinct advantage for you to be able to discuss with us those special details individual to you and your guests. No more guessing at what your accommodation might be, you will be confident in your choice and able to relax into your precious time away from the off.

  • Helping you choose well

  • Ensuring correct no. of beds & rooms

  • Highlighting what’s in the area

  • Organising additional extras

  • Prebooking trips & transfers